Personal Insolvency Options

For Businesses

Not all businesses are incorporated, limited or public limited companies. UK businesses operated by sole traders and partnerships in financial difficulty require alternative solutions to those available to companies.

Unincorporated businesses in difficulty can directly impact their principals’ personal finances and assets. Such situations require both a proactive approach to help businesses recover and an empathetic treatment of the personal finances and assets of individuals and their families.

For Individuals

Financial difficulties can happen to anyone, but you can proactively resolve a debt problem directly impacting your personal family finances, income and assets.

Duff & Phelps’ Personal Financial Solutions team is specialized, dedicated and approachable, and well experienced in helping people restore their financial health. Our services also help company directors deal with personal guarantee liabilities.

We can discuss your circumstances, explain your options and guide you to a solution. Perhaps your unmanageable debt was caused by something beyond your control:

  • Divorce
  • Illness
  • Redundancy
  • Credit over-commitment

Whatever the cause, you can find the solution.

Are you:

  • Struggling to repay your debts?
  • Being pressured by creditors or HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
  • Employed or self-employed?
  • More than £15,000 in debt?

Duff & Phelps can help you by:

  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Relieving pressure from creditors
  • Reorganizing your finances
  • Protecting your business 
  • Preserving your income
  • Protecting your home
  • Advising on the best long-term solution for your situation

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Who are our customers?

  • Financially distressed individuals who require protection from creditor pressure whilst reorganizing their finances to achieve full or partial repayment of their liabilities
  • Banks seeking to maximize returns on their loans to clients who need help managing their debt
  • Professional advisors seeking to retain clients who need help managing debt, agreeing on repayment terms and maintaining successful businesses
  • Consumer-debt advisors whose clients are self-employed business people who require more specialized treatment and services

What services do we provide?

  • Assessment of individual circumstances
  • Provision of options available
  • Advice on solutions such as
    • Refinancing
    • Debt-management plans
    • Individual voluntary arrangements
    • Bankruptcy

Why Duff & Phelps?

  • We are responsive, proactive and considerate of client needs
  • We have experience in dealing with a wide variety of businesses and professions
  • Our dedicated, personalized services develop and maintain strong client relationships

  • We are approachable, accessible and professional

For more information on these services, please contact us at +44 (0) 161 827 9000.

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